European Olympic Academies (EOA)

The European Olympic Academies (EOA) is the association of European National Olympic Academies (NOAs) aiming to unify NOAs on the European continent in order to promote the Olympic Values, Philosophy and Ideals.

The EOA promotes collaboration between the NOAs of Europe on the basis of corresponding provisions of the Olympic Charter, in close cooperation with NOCs, the EOC and the IOA.

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Czech Olympic Academy

The Czech Olympic Academy promotes Olympic ideals, principles and values and is the scientific and study centre of the Olympic movement in the Czech Republic. What does this mean in practice?

The Czech Olympic Academy connects history with the present. It reminds us that Olympism is a balanced lifestyle. Olympians are people with a strong will, character and a sense of teamwork. They are personalities who co-created Czechoslovakia and Czech statehood. ČOA publishes books, organises exhibitions, seminars and long-term projects. It cooperates with important memory and academic institutions such as the National Museum, the Military History Institute, Charles University, and Post Bellum.

Currently, the Czech Olympic Committee has opened a long-term exhibition Olympic Tokyo 1940-2020, which can be visited in 2021 in the historic building of the National Museum in Prague.

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Project Management

Alexandr Kliment (Czech Olympic Academy)
Zdeněk Škoda (Czech Olympic Academy)
Sönke Schadwinkel (European Olympic Academies)
Marion Guigon-Lacroix (European Olympic Academies)

You can get in touch with the organizers of the project by sending an email to:

Graphic Design

Marlon Herde

Contributing National Olympic Academies

Armenian Olympic Committee
Bulgarian Olympic Academy/Bulgarian Olympic Committee
Czech Olympic Committee/Karel Novák
Estonian Sports and Olympic Museum/Heldur Karro
Estonian Sports and Olympic Museum/Laine Erik
Estonian Sports and Olympic Museum/Rein Aun
German Olympic Sports Confederation
Historical Archive of the Hellenic Olympic Committee
Latvian Olympic Academy
NOC*NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee)
Olympic Committee of Israel
Olympic Committee of Portugal
Olympic Committee of Serbia
Slovenian Olympic Committee

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European Olympic Committees (EOC)
The EOC is an international non-governmental not-for-profit organisation whose objective is to propagate the fundamental principles of Olympism at European level.

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